Scanning: 7 reasons to get your paperwork scanned

Document scanning saves time and space you can put to use in other ways.

Document scanning is a lasting trend for good reason. After all, you know how cumbersome it gets when you keep piles or filing cabinets full of paperwork around. Storing years of paperwork in bulky files for each client is a thing of the past once you discover the wonders of using scanned documents.

AIB has been offering document scanning services for years, and our clients love the service. While you can read some of the testimonials we’ve received by clicking here (scroll down to “What Clients Say”), we really want this piece to stand on its own as an argument for the importance of scanning.

  1. Save space and eliminate clutter. If you’re like most home or business offices, space is at a premium. Document scanning reduces those mounds of paperwork into digital files, with thousands of scanned files fitting on a single small disc or drive. Plus, you can get rid of those ugly piles of files sitting on top of desks and filing cabinets, which helps reduce visible clutter. You’ll discover you have less need for those hefty, unwieldy filing cabinets, too. Those monstrosities are likely costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually by taking up valuable space.
  1. Find important documents faster. Rather than searching through multiple hard copy files to find that one critical document, scanning allows you to review an index of files. You then click on that file and it immediately pops up on your screen.
  1. Eliminate the risk of lost documents. Rather than taking the risk of losing important files and documents, scanning eliminates misplaced files you may never find again.
  1. Defy age, wear and tear. Paperwork becomes fragile over time. Document scanning helps preserve the integrity of the original documents so fading and tears won’t affect your ability to read and use the documents in the future.
  1. Include scanning in your disaster recovery plan. Fire, earthquakes, floods and other delights of Mother Nature could cause you to lose valuable documents that are irreplaceable. That’s the beauty of scanned images – you can store multiple copies of the disks or drives. Keep one in your safe deposit box and store others in various safe locations around your home and office.
  1. Share files more quickly, easily and inexpensively. Scanned documents are far easier to share with your family members, trusted advisors and office personnel. Upload the scans to a your corporate server, and now you can share the files with clients or staff in multiple offices. Not only can you share information immediately, but using scanned documents saves $$ compared to the manpower/expense of copying, mailing and delivery of hard copies.
  1. Reuse rather than recreate. Did you know documents are recreated 50% of the time rather than reused? Scanning helps eliminate this major waste of resources, helping to improve your bottom line while saving valuable time.

To learn more about AIB’s scanning services for businesses of any type, click here.

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