Do It Yourself Legal Kits and Forms

Save $$ with do-it-yourself legal kits from Washington state’s trusted leading supplier of do-it-yourself legal forms.


Our work with Washington state’s judicial system allows us to constantly update the forms required for various legal processes. All of our legal forms and legal kits include procedures, and most offer instructions, providing you with all the information and forms needed to initiate, pursue and complete your legal proceeding as a layman.

Visit Do It Yourself Legal Kits website to order your kits. The list of kits we offer is also listed below. If you’re interested in buying a kit with an ** next to it, to order, please call our office at 206-622-1909 (PST) from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., since these kits are not available to purchase online.

Family Law (Domestic)

  • Child Support Adjustment
  • Divorce Forms Kit without Children (also known as Dissolution Kit without Children)
  • Divorce Forms Kit with Children (also known as Dissolution Kit with Children)
  • Legal Separation Kit, Non-Contested
  • Modification Of Child Support Kit with Guidelines
  • Modification Of Parenting Plan/Custody Decree Kit
  • Modification of Custody Decree/Par. Plan Kit**
  • Modification of Child Support (Agreed) Kit**
  • Parenting Plan**
  • Pre-Marital Property Settlement Kit/Pre-Nuptial Agreement
  • Restraining Order Kit (Family Law)
  • Res. Schedule / Par. Plan / Child Suport Kit**
  • Service by Certified Mail (Family Law only)
  • Service by Publication (Family Law only)
  • Service by Third Party (Family Law only)
  • Temporary Custody Kit (Non-Parent only)**
  • Temporary Motion & Order Kit (Family Law)
  • Temporary Motion & Order Kit (Paternity)
  • Visitation Kit**
  • Child Support Guidelines**
  • Contempt Kit (Family Law)**
  • Custody Kit (Non-Parental only)
  • Custody Kit (Non-Married)
  • Dependent Child Kit**
  • Emancipation Kit
  • Invalidity Kit (Annulment) Non-Contested
  • Writ of Habeus Corpus (Family Law)

Probate Forms

  • Probate Kit – with Will
  • Probate Kit – without Will
  • Small Estate Affidavit


  • Records Sealing Kit – Juvenile
  • Misdemeanor Kit
  • Felony Kit
  • Restore Firearm Kit


  • Eviction Notice Kit


  • Civil Lawsuit Kit


  • Garnishment Kit


  • Guardianship Kit – All in One (Minor or Incapaitated Person)
  • Rules (King County Local Rules)**
  • Will Kit (State of Washington)
  • Health Care Directive (Directive to Physicians/Living Will)
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • General and Durable Power of Attorney