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Accidents & Injuries

Car accidents, hazardous materials, insurance claims, libel, slander, medical malpractice, slips and falls and worker’s compensation


Adoption practice may focus on all aspects of completing the legal integration of an individual (new born through young adult) with a new family unit. An ‘Adoption’ practice may assist clients find new born infants, through its network with ‘adoption agencies’ or ‘family social services’, and/or advocate for and guide the clients through the court’s procedures for the final adoption decree.


Chapter 7 Liquidation, Chapter 11 Business Reorganization, Chapter 13 Payment Plan, personal bankruptcy, collections and debt relief

Collaborative Law

Economical, alternative to litigation to resolve a divorce or other civil disputes through focusing on communication and problem-solving techniques.

Construction Law

Builder’s rights, faulty construction, liens, right to redress and roofing claims

Corporate Law

Contracts, incorporation, mergers, sales/purchases and stock offerings

Criminal Law

Assault, robbery, burglary defense, drug crime defense, traffic ticket, DUI defense and white collar crime defense

Employment Law

Workplace discrimination, contract violations, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, etc.

Environmental Law

This area of practice deals with legal issues, encompassing interpretation of state and federal statutes, regulations, and common-law principles regarding air pollution, water pollution, hazardous waste, the wilderness, and endangered wildlife. Most often, legal doctrines such as ‘nuisance, trespass, negligence, strict liability, prior appropriation, and riparian rights’ are at issue.

Estate Planning

Directive to Physician, Power of Attorney, trusts and wills

Family Law

Child support, custody, divorce, adoption, modifications to parenting plan or child support and restraining orders

Homeowners Association Law

Homeowners associations (HOA) act as the governing bodies of some housing developments and condominiums. HOAs create and enforce rules for the community, such as property maintenance regulations and resident conduct. Attorneys specializing in this area of law typically work to resolve disputes regarding maintenance or faulty construction of the property, assessments or member conduct. These resolutions may come about through mediation, arbitration or court action.

Juvenile Law

Criminal defense for minors, proposing to the court treatment programs, mental health specialists, counseling and after-school programs with the goal of rehabilitation.

Land Use

Attorneys practicing in Land Use area of law primarily deal with ‘zoning’, which is a system of public regulation of the use of land. Local governments create zoning, usually closely integrated with a city planning program. Typical zoning issues address building height, bulk, lot area, setbacks, parking, signage, and density.

Mediation Services

Less costly alternative to litigation for divorce actions and other civil disputes, using a neutral third party to oversee the process of dispute resolution.

Native American / Tribal Affairs Law

Issues involving Reservation Sovereignty, jurisdictional disputes in civil matters, Adoptions, Federal vs. State statutes applicability, Juvenile matters, etc.


Inheritance, settling property of the estate with or without a will and Small Estate Affidavit

Real Estate

Area of law practice includes real (land & buildings) property sales and acquisitions, title, land use, development, environmental impacts, leasing financing, restructuring, workouts, boundary line issues, adverse possession, and litigation involving these issues.

Real Property

Adverse possession, deeds, easements, liens, property line disputes and real property sales

School Law

Issues involving access to education, special needs education, school disciplinary matters, free speech, improper locker search and seizure, etc.

Taxation Law

Attorneys who practice in this area are engaged in all aspects of personal, corporate, estate and international tax planning including assessing and limiting the impact of taxation in corporate reorganizations, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions and public and private financings, and also all matters of tax litigation.