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Sign up below to join AIB’s NEW Referral Listing Services program. We get countless requests from the public looking for an attorney. So we’re offering a referral listing service to our MEMBERS ONLY as a way to promote law firms and also foster the Washington State Bar Association’s initiative to promote Equal Access to Justice. Eventually, we’ll open the program to all firms that practice in the state.

Currently, we offer AIB members this listing for FREE.

NOTE: You may request to remove your listing at any time.

The listing will include your firm name, location, contact information, a link to your website and a brief description of your firm. Your listing will appear in up to three areas of practice of your choosing as well as up to three general geographical areas. We’ll also list whether or not your firm offers a free 1/2 hour consultation.

Please provide the following information, and we’ll add your law firm the listings. If you prefer to provide this information over the phone, call Grant Harken at (206) 622-1909.


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Check this box if you have other locations in addition to the main office address you provided above. Your listing will then include the following: "This law firm has offices in more than one city. Please check their website for location information."

Please describe your firm, such as the law in which it specializes and what makes you unique to work with.