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3rd Annual “Strange Pre-Nups”

Strange pre-nups are worth a review.

Wow, can’t believe this is our 3rd annual edition of “Strange Pre-Nups!”

So, everyone’s talking about Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s wealthiest men. Bezos lacks a prenup. A prenup is a legal agreement a couple enters into before their marriage tat outlines how their assets will be distributed.

Whether you have $2 in your savings account or millions, getting a pre-nup is a necessity for people who prefer to protect the property, finances and other assets with which they enter the marriage. A pre-nup can also help protect any assets or earnings you make during the marriage. Otherwise, without a pre-nup, your assets are distributed according to state law.

Some prenups don’t just protect finances. Some clearly spell out responsibilities and demands for each person in the marriage.  While most pre-nups are straightforward, check out these unusual pre-nups.

TV Watching

Marrying a sports fanatic? One woman included a clause in her pre-nup that limited how many football games her husband could watch each week. Reader’s Digest says the limitation wasn’t just on the husband watching just two games per week. The wife was also under a limitation of watching just 2 reality television shows per week.


According to Cheatsheet.com, Nicole Kidman asked Keith Urban to sign a prenup that gives him $600,000 per year for each year the couple remains married. But if Urban uses illegal drugs or drinks excessively, he gets nothing.

Drug testing was included in another couple’s pre-nup, reports Reader’s Digest. The pre-nup stated the husband had to submit to random drug testing. To make things even more interesting, this agreement lasts the length of the marriage.


The prenup between Jay Z and Beyoncé includes a clause that pays Beyoncé $5 million for each child they have, says Cheatsheet.com. In addition, she gets paid $1 million annually for each year they’re married. Talk about child bearing paying off big time!


Cheat and you’ll pay big time if you’re Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, says Business Insider. In their prenup, if Timberlake cheats, he must pay $500,000 to Biel.

Got a Pre-Nup? Strange Pre-Nup Clauses for Your Consideration!

Taking the time to write a pre-nup just makes sense.

Wedding bells are in the air! Seems like the perfect time to re-visit the world of strange pre-nups. Officially known as pre-marital property agreements, a pre-nup often covers more than who gets what if the marriage ends. Some even cover what happens while the marriage is ongoing!

No one wants to think about pre-nups in the rosy glow of love and bliss. And just because you want one doesn’t mean you think your marriage is headed for divorce before you even make it down the aisle. Even if you don’t have many assets today, a pre-nuptial can protect you down the road when you might be worth more and stand to lose a lot.

Here are a few interesting clauses to consider for your own pre-nup, courtesy of some famous celebrities who know the importance of protecting their assets.

Who Owns that Gift?

Diply, a social entertainment website, reports Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had a prenup that stated any gift of over $7,000 had to be accompanied by a legal document indicating who owned the gift. They aren’t the only ones to have this type of prenup. According to The Talko, an entertainment site geared for women, Kim and Kanye have a prenup that allows her to keep any gifts he gives her, even if the marriage fails.

Money for the Kids

Planning to have lots of kids together? WKYS 93.9 reports Beyonce and Jay Z have a prenup that says she gets $5 million for each child she gives birth to if they divorce. She’s up $15 million right now.

Money Per Year of Marriage

According to the Mirror, Katie Holmes convinced Tom Cruise to sign a pre-nup saying she would get paid $3 million for each year they were married. In the end, she received a total of $15 million for five years of marriage. Other celebrities include clauses that allow the other person to collect millions if they stay married for a specific length of time.

Adding a Cheating Clause

Being cheated on is no fun, so why not include a clause to make sure you pocket some money if your spouse cheats on you during the marriage? We’ve read about a few celebrity pre-nups where large sums of money were involved if one partner was caught cheating. Diply reports that Catherin Zeta-Jones gets $5 million if Michael Douglas cheats.

Use Paper

It’s a known fact that Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg made a prenup on a napkin. Guess what? A divorce court judge quickly threw that out as illegal, and Irving ended up getting half of Spielberg’s money in their divorce.

Appearance Stipulations

Want to control your spouse’s appearance during the marriage? Sounds harsh, but some celebrities include clauses in their pre-nups about their partner. For instance, how about Jessica Simpson’s purported nuptial from her husband that fines her if her weight goes above 135 pounds?

Dealing with In-Laws

Reader’s Digest described a prenup clause that said the mother-in-law was limited to joining the couple to just one night –– and no more –– on the couple’s vacations. Worried your spouse will be rude to your parents? Might be wise to include a clause that makes them pay every time they offend the in-laws.

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